FAQ’s from inquiring minds…

This week, I have hardly had time to breathe. I have been in full obsession mode in preparation for the Osceola County Historical Society Bridal Show on March 10th. New signs are made, a dessert table inspired by one of my inspiring brides-to-be is nearing completion, and I even managed to squeeze in a load of laundry so that my children arrived at school fully-clothed today. So, with everything swirling around me and not even one new piece totally finished to rotate my Art Angels stock, I thought that I would take a moment to answer a few of my most frequently asked questions.


Here we go!

1. Do you always use chalk paint?

Most definitely not. I use chalk paint occasionally – mostly when I am in a time crunch. I began refinishing furniture long before I ever heard of Annie Sloan so I have had years of perfecting the art of making all types of paint lie down and play nicely. When I do use chalk paint, however, I rarely use the paint straight from the can. I usually add a little something extra to it to make it a little more 2+Hue.

2. Do you use Annie’s Clear Wax?

Never. Simply put, the clear wax did not pass the “real home” test that I insist all of my products pass before offering them up to other “real homes”. I have two amazing children {ages 10 and 11 – and yes, Mr. Hue and I were busy during the years of 2000 and 2001} who are wildly unimpressed that their mother hand finished every single piece of furniture in the house. They are real kids with real friends and really messy, haphazard bodies. They scratch stuff, bang stuff, leave cups just about everywhere but the dishwasher, and even sneak string cheese onto the coffee table on occasion – busted! If a piece of furniture cannot survive and thrive in my home, I would never expect it to hold its own in yours.

3. How do you get such a smooth finish?

A couple of issues are at play here. First, I hand sand and distress every single piece. It is time consuming and often back breaking but I will not refinish furniture any other way. By the time I am finished, I honestly know every inch of a piece. Also, I have had years of practice  pouring through every imaginable sealant before discovering the jackpot of protective layers.

4. What is weathered wood?

Only the most amazing wood finish! The truth is that weathered wood is exclusive to 2+Hue. The idea came to me while living in Alabama. I spent a considerable amount of time along the shores of Mobile Bay with my children. I was selling a lot of furniture at that time and I was itching for a natural finish beyond the confines of aqua and white that Alabamians hold so dear. As I watched my kids play swords with driftwood, I decided that I loved the look and would try to replicate that into furniture. After weeks of epic failures, I finally nailed it. I actually learned in that process how to make my own wood stain and perfected the technique that has certainly served me well. Weathered wood is more grey based than typical stained wood. It very closely resembles old barn wood as well.

6. Are you a wedding planner?

No way! I would be happy to help you style your wedding. Delighted to rent you some amazing pieces and stage the reception with you, but the intricacies of planning and finding the right caterers and dj’s and keeping everyone moving in the generally acceptable direction during the ceremony is definitely not my bag.

5. Can I see your house? It must be amazing!

This one always makes me laugh. As it stands, my house looks as though there has been some form of rustic/vintage wedding explosion and we four luckily survived. It is, in fact, far from perfect -but perfectly normal. Also, the picture of me in the Meet Sarah section is only representative of me when I am either: taking a picture, doing a wedding consult, or headed somewhere fabulous. The rest of the time I am a hot mess, covered in primer and sawdust with my hair twisted back in a clip.

6. How do you run a business and balance your family life, too?

That is the easiest and most difficult question to answer. The short version is that it is tough. I was a stay at home mom from the time my children were born and I cherish those early years that we can never get back. I do my best to keep a lot of balls in the air. Most times I succeed, sometimes a few lobby back and smack me in the head. But, I press on because I love what I do – both at home and at ‘work’. And, more than that, I have an eleven year old daughter who I desperately want to inspire. I want her to see that women can do what they want to do. That we can walk into a home improvement store in a pair of pink Talbot’s high heeled sandals and know exactly what we are talking about in the lumber department. That we can lift heavy tables and drive huge black Dodge Ram Crew Cabs named Pepper that we literally have to hop/slide out of. I see no good reason why a girl cannot build a wonderful life from a wonderful dream.


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