Back in action & Ol’ Yeller…

First, thank you to all who wished my daughter well and prayed for her speedy recovery. Last week, mini me had an ugly battle with pneumonia which landed her in the hospital. Needless to say, 2+Hue was put on hold as we spent the week making sure that she received the treatment that she needed. Today, after a litany of anitibiotics, steroids and round-the-clock nebulizer treatments, she is on the mend and ready to enjoy Spring Break!

First up as I get back in the swing of things is this set. Let’s call them Ol’ Yeller for obvious reasons.


Considering my love of French Provincial, I could not resist this set that begs for a makeover. I will be wrangling this duo toward lovely over the next couple of days to ensure they make their debut in Art Angels later this week. That combined with a major construction project over at will most definitely keep me busy. I will post after shots shortly so check back for the reveal!


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