Double hue dresser/mirror and dresser/bookshelf combo reveal!

Sometimes, a whisper of pink makes the perfect amount of impact on a piece of furniture. I consider this pink with training wheels.

Refinished in the double hue technique of white over pink, this duo is perfect for those customers who are concerned about my shade of pink coordinating with their chosen linens. Here, just a hint of pink peeks through the white allowing for more flexibility in terms of decor. The hardware was accented in pink then distressed. Plenty of sealant was applied to ensure years of durability. The dimensions of the dresser are: 29 inches tall by 18 inches deep by 42 inches wide. The mirror can either be attached (as pictured) to the dresser or mounted separately on a wall. When the mirror is attached to the dresser, the total height of the piece is 70 inches. The dimensions of the dresser/bookshelf combo are: 73 inches tall by 18 inches deep by 29 inches wide.

As always, you can check out these lovelies in person in my booth at Art Angels Antique and Flower Market located at: 5515 South Orange Avenue. Their hours of operation are: Monday-Friday 10:30-6:00 and Saturdays 11:00-4:00.


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