So long, pink dresser, hello booth redo!

Well, the pink French Provincial dresser lasted all of 48 hours at Art Angels. I understand that it went to live with a trio of young girls – how perfect! So, Mr. Hue and I loaded up the lovely aqua dresser and the newly-refinished antique twin head and footboard into the truck and made the trip to SODO.


So, in addition to my staple furniture pieces, I have been able to tap into my creativity on a smaller scale and repurpose these Mason jars into a triple pendant bar. And, yes, they really do work. All you need is some power and three bulbs!

There are even antique ‘Ball Blue’ jars that became part of a fabulous lighting fixture.

And just a couple more shots for good measure…



My Art Angels Home…

Today was filled with shoving a ton of coolness into my new space at Art Angels. Unfortunately, not everything fit so I will be rotating stock frequently. I am so excited to share with you my brand new digs. Here are some shots of 2+Hue’s booth. *If you are super detail oriented like myself, feel free to click on each image for a better view.






Art Angels is located at: 5515 South Orange Ave, Orlando, just three miles south of SODO. Their hours of operation are: Monday-Friday 10:30-6 and Saturdays 11-4.

Sneak Peek at Tea Towel Awesomeness…

Here I sit, two days and counting until the {actual} move-in day at Art Angels and my house is bursting at the seams with with items destined for the 2+Hue booth. Among the bounty are: my entire line of vintage tea towels ($8) – ten different designs and counting , handmade clay magnets ($4), handmade clay tags ($2), various antiques, tons of amazing repurposed lighting and a few other surprises up my sleeve. I will be there tomorrow getting the walls ready since the existing exposed pegboard is not really my bag. I will have an entire post devoted to the pics of my booth coming up on Sunday so definitely stay tuned. And, if you are in the SODO area tomorrow or Saturday, be sure to stop by and holla at me. I’ll be the one frantically double sided taping torn book pages to craft paper and squeezing a truckload of coolness into a 4×6 foot space.

As for my line of tea towels, well, there’s a story there…

It hit me as I was nearly destroying totally rocking Christmas dinner that I had a bevy of personal kitchen disaster stories to share with the world. So, fresh from the vault o’ shame came seven actual Kitchen catastrophes which I have created. All of the towels in this particular line will feature the same vintage flatware graphic with simple text as seen below.

My culinary missteps include:

Kitchen catastrophe #26:

That moment, about 45 minutes into baking a lasagna, when you realize that you forgot to add the ricotta.

 Kitchen catastrophe #18:

That moment you figure out that you were supposed to drain the water from the macaroni before adding the cheese and butter.

 Kitchen catastrophe #4:

That moment you peek into the oven and realize that you definitely should have used wooden toothpicks instead of the now-melted plastic ones to bake bacon wrapped scallops.

 Kitchen catastrophe #19:

That moment you pull the brownie bricks out of the oven and realize that you forgot to add water to the mix.

 Kitchen catastrophe #2:

That moment when your mother-in-law hands you a cookbook full of four ingredient recipes and wishes you (and the rest of the family) the best.

 Kitchen catastrophe #12:

That moment you realize that ‘rolling boil’ and geyser-like, stove destroying ‘boil over’ are, actually, not one and the same.

 Kitchen catastrophe #7:

That moment you realize that pre-wrapped cheese singles are, unfortunately, not an acceptable substitute for grated cheddar.

I figured that I cannot be the only girl who has made herself look less than intelligent in the kitchen…


Seriously, I’m not the only one, right?

Yep, I’m still around!

With Christmas quickly approaching, I have put the brakes on 2+Hue for a couple of weeks. I have been wrapping up all of my custom pieces and getting my own children and home ready for the festivities. I am looking into branching out even further in early 2012 so check back in January for the best place to find my pieces! Until then, I wanted to share with you one of my latest creations:

Is she not lovely? This was an antique crystal decanter that Mr. 2+Hue and I found while thrift store shopping in college several years ago. I had not found a place for her yet so, on Sunday, I decided that she would be beautiful as the lighting in our dining room.  Here is a shot of her in the dark:

I plan on making more of these custom pendants (along with an absolute slew of other creations) available for sale beginning in January. I wish all of you a peaceful holiday season with you and your family and I look forward to meeting many of you next year!

Until then,


2+Hue at Home advice of the day: Use your {re}imagination!

Welcome back to my sitting room in progress! Today’s shots are from the top portion of my pallet-turned-shelving unit. I desperately wanted an ironically glamorous statement piece to contrast with the rustic feel of color washed pallet wood. While perusing my favorite thrift stores, I found this beauty of a long ago sconce. Unfortunately, at the time of its unearthing, it was tarnished brass and hoisting a tangle of wiring and two faux candle bulbs atop its arms. I shoved it (and many, many other treasures) into the back of the Accord and raced home. Once there, I ripped out the wiring, threw away the bulbs, painted it an awesome deep plum and added a couple of taper candles. One nail in the pallet and voila, an elegant sconce that would retail for somewhere in the ballpark of $50 and I was only set back $8! Total score.

I found the vintage books and vintage traveling iron-turned-bookend at another thrift store and added a coordinating painted brass base to balance an antique coffee mug which holds a quaint bunch of weeds from my front yard wildflowers.

So, there you have it. So much of what I do is looking past what is in front of me and seeing things for what they could be.




Now, enjoy your Tuesday. I’m off to turn more awful into awesome.

Until then,


2+Hue at Home

In between my custom jobs and preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am trying to put the finishing touches on my sitting room. I have had several reader emails inquiring about how to pull a room together. I have heard a swell of, “I’m not as brave with color as you are…but I wanna be!” tossed with, “I want to pull some vintage pieces into my room but it is not full of vintage furniture. How do I go a little retro without being gaudy?” and the list goes on.

I have decided to share my experience of whipping my own new home into submission. We’ll begin in the sitting room which, if you came by to pick up furniture from me in the past couple of months, was a hot storage mess. I will take you project by project as I race to Sarah-up the area. Ready? Let’s go!

On Saturday, I was at Universal with my family when the burning desire overcame me to include a little rustic femininity to the sitting room. Ideas hit me this way, in unusual places during unassuming times. Why? Who knows but my husband has learned to just go with it. So, on the way home, we swung by my favorite home improvement store and picked up a truckload of these:

After a fair amount of hand gesturing to illustrate for Mr. Hue what I envisioned, we were off to begin an epic (in my opinion) adventure. My thoughts were to get the feel of reclaimed weathered wood and to highlight the vertical space in the room. And, while on the subject of reclaimed wood, I do love thee. I love it’s warmth, the fact that it lived a life as the side of a barn in some bucolic country town, I love its imperfections. I do not, however, love its cost. It’s crazy expensive. So, being the frugal girl I am, I taught myself a technique of creating that aged look with fresh wood. Engaging in that process turns my fingers a bizarre hue for weeks, but really I should have normal colored flesh by Thanksgiving and it is totally worth the odd looks from strangers.

So, here are the boards after I aged them:


Amazing what an hour can do, no?

Now, for the feminine touch:


And just like that, with some fresh boards and a little Sarahfication, we have a dramatic statement rich in texture and charm. This piece has a twin that will flank the other side of the wall. I will post pics of the entire space as I finish it.I hope you enjoyed the first of many sneak peeks into Casa Hue.

Until then, Sarah.