Double Hue Dresser Sneak Peek

In my early days as a furniture refinisher, I was eager to experiment with color combinations. I wanted to create a girl’s bedroom set/nursery for those who wanted a pop of pink without being fully committed to a room full of Pepto. It has been quite some time since I ventured into the territory of double hue, but this duo lent itself perfectly to the technique. Mainly white with a base coat of pink peeking through at distress points makes for a lovely and completely custom look.

The hardware was refinished in a whisper of a pink, then distressed.

I will post a full reveal after a little more distressing, then sealing, then loading, then squeezing both pieces into my Art Angels booth tomorrow!

Get excited!


Back in action & Ol’ Yeller…

First, thank you to all who wished my daughter well and prayed for her speedy recovery. Last week, mini me had an ugly battle with pneumonia which landed her in the hospital. Needless to say, 2+Hue was put on hold as we spent the week making sure that she received the treatment that she needed. Today, after a litany of anitibiotics, steroids and round-the-clock nebulizer treatments, she is on the mend and ready to enjoy Spring Break!

First up as I get back in the swing of things is this set. Let’s call them Ol’ Yeller for obvious reasons.


Considering my love of French Provincial, I could not resist this set that begs for a makeover. I will be wrangling this duo toward lovely over the next couple of days to ensure they make their debut in Art Angels later this week. That combined with a major construction project over at will most definitely keep me busy. I will post after shots shortly so check back for the reveal!

Coming Soon {like tomorrow soon}

When Mr. Hue sent me a text that read, “Want this one?” with a picture of this dresser attached, I knew instantly what I would do with it. When my daughter was younger, she would spend hours twirling about the house in her version of full princess garb, admiring her majesty in the mirror. The size and composition of this piece lend itself perfectly to a little girl’s bedroom or a nursery for a princess-to-be with the mirror being low enough for child-height reflections. Refinished in a custom mix of Annie Sloan chalk paint then distressed and sealed for years of protection, this piece came years too late for my daughter, but just in time for another lucky little lady. This dresser features two drawers and the original hardware which was refinished to coordinate with the overall style. The dimensions of this piece are: 35.5 inches wide by 74 inches tall by 17.5 inches deep.


To check this one out, head on over to Art Angels. I will drop it off tomorrow morning with the assistance of my once upon a time princess and my little dude, neither of whom have school on Monday, thanks to President’s Day.

Pink French Provincial Triple Dresser Sneak Peek!

One week ago, I rescued this little number from mundanity:

She was tired and plain, with less than adequate hardware – much like myself before coffee and make-up each morning.

She had great bones, lovely curves and ample storage. So after an extreme make-over, she now looks like this:

I chose a top coat of soft pink accented with subtle distressing to reveal hints of a white base coat beneath. I chose not to antique this piece like my previous pink French Provincial offering because I am all about switching things up and adding a little variety to my furniture life. She is lovely and will hit the floor of my Art Angels booth on Thursday.

Cards and tea towels and furniture, oh my!

So, I have been more than a little busy lately. In addition to creating a couple of new lines of tea towels, I was asked to make a slew of custom cards for Valentine’s Day. I was happy to oblige, considering my obsession affinity for all things doily. Rather than going all-out traditional red and pink, I chose a sophisticated grey cardstock with a white doily accent. A sweet “Love you so!” stamp completes the card and a small heart stamp makes the envelope that much cooler.

I will be burning the midnight oil making sure that the cards will be available in my booth at Art Angels beginning on Friday, January 27.

Coming soon…

We bundled up this morning and made the trek across town to snag this beauty:

I just had to have her. The hardware, the original wooden caster wheels, the intricate details; she’s nearly perfect. After a couple days of refinishing, she will be amazing. By the end of the week, I plan to have her completed and wedged into my space at Art Angels. Stay tuned for updated after pics!

Sneak Peek at Tea Towel Awesomeness…

Here I sit, two days and counting until the {actual} move-in day at Art Angels and my house is bursting at the seams with with items destined for the 2+Hue booth. Among the bounty are: my entire line of vintage tea towels ($8) – ten different designs and counting , handmade clay magnets ($4), handmade clay tags ($2), various antiques, tons of amazing repurposed lighting and a few other surprises up my sleeve. I will be there tomorrow getting the walls ready since the existing exposed pegboard is not really my bag. I will have an entire post devoted to the pics of my booth coming up on Sunday so definitely stay tuned. And, if you are in the SODO area tomorrow or Saturday, be sure to stop by and holla at me. I’ll be the one frantically double sided taping torn book pages to craft paper and squeezing a truckload of coolness into a 4×6 foot space.

As for my line of tea towels, well, there’s a story there…

It hit me as I was nearly destroying totally rocking Christmas dinner that I had a bevy of personal kitchen disaster stories to share with the world. So, fresh from the vault o’ shame came seven actual Kitchen catastrophes which I have created. All of the towels in this particular line will feature the same vintage flatware graphic with simple text as seen below.

My culinary missteps include:

Kitchen catastrophe #26:

That moment, about 45 minutes into baking a lasagna, when you realize that you forgot to add the ricotta.

 Kitchen catastrophe #18:

That moment you figure out that you were supposed to drain the water from the macaroni before adding the cheese and butter.

 Kitchen catastrophe #4:

That moment you peek into the oven and realize that you definitely should have used wooden toothpicks instead of the now-melted plastic ones to bake bacon wrapped scallops.

 Kitchen catastrophe #19:

That moment you pull the brownie bricks out of the oven and realize that you forgot to add water to the mix.

 Kitchen catastrophe #2:

That moment when your mother-in-law hands you a cookbook full of four ingredient recipes and wishes you (and the rest of the family) the best.

 Kitchen catastrophe #12:

That moment you realize that ‘rolling boil’ and geyser-like, stove destroying ‘boil over’ are, actually, not one and the same.

 Kitchen catastrophe #7:

That moment you realize that pre-wrapped cheese singles are, unfortunately, not an acceptable substitute for grated cheddar.

I figured that I cannot be the only girl who has made herself look less than intelligent in the kitchen…


Seriously, I’m not the only one, right?

Antique Waterfall Wardrobe ~ 350 {and a note on the color}

Remember when I said that I had big plans for this one? Well, 24 hours in the backyard yielded this transformation.


A couple of notes: first, she’s not completely finished (there are no hinges in the doors right now and she’s down one knob). Second, despite my best photographic efforts, the color in the picture is not true to the wardrobe at all. The actual color is a gorgeous shade of peacock blue identical to the swatch seen here:


The inside of the wardrobe as well as the inside of the doors were refinished with black chalkboard paint and seasoned. I do this often in my own decor and furnishings. Whether or not you choose to use the chalkboard is completely up to you, but the look of a seasoned chalkboard is striking in itself.

She has a bar for hanging garments inside the piece as well as a bar spanning the width of one of the doors. Later this evening, Mr. 2+Hue will come to my rescue and help me attach the doors and hardware. Then, she’ll get a few coats of sealant and she’ll be all set for a new home.

Graphic Flour Sack Tea Towels ~ Made by 2+Hue!


Now, I love vintage and antique items in their pure forms; but, sometimes, they could use a little punch of personality. While in Alabama, I discovered my love of vintage tea towels. One day, I decided to take a few of these babies and add even more character to them. Before I knew it, I was cranking out towel after towel of humor and style. Above are just two of the designs in my collection. One is an homage to fearless women and the other acknowledges my general lack of cooking skills. Don’t you just love ’em?

And, not to be outdone by the towels, I also created a line of home decor using vintage metal embroidery hoops. Here is one of the designs in that collection.

I dug back into my childhood days of embroidery to whip up this little number. Vintage bike and ‘wanderlust’, sounds a bit familiar!

First piece of 2012…

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:


I was thrilled to take this antique waterfall wardrobe off the hands of an elderly gentleman. This amazing piece belonged to his father, and eventually, it made its way to me. I have huge plans for this one.

Get excited!