Double hue dresser/mirror and dresser/bookshelf combo reveal!

Sometimes, a whisper of pink makes the perfect amount of impact on a piece of furniture. I consider this pink with training wheels.

Refinished in the double hue technique of white over pink, this duo is perfect for those customers who are concerned about my shade of pink coordinating with their chosen linens. Here, just a hint of pink peeks through the white allowing for more flexibility in terms of decor. The hardware was accented in pink then distressed. Plenty of sealant was applied to ensure years of durability. The dimensions of the dresser are: 29 inches tall by 18 inches deep by 42 inches wide. The mirror can either be attached (as pictured) to the dresser or mounted separately on a wall. When the mirror is attached to the dresser, the total height of the piece is 70 inches. The dimensions of the dresser/bookshelf combo are: 73 inches tall by 18 inches deep by 29 inches wide.

As always, you can check out these lovelies in person in my booth at Art Angels Antique and Flower Market located at: 5515 South Orange Avenue. Their hours of operation are: Monday-Friday 10:30-6:00 and Saturdays 11:00-4:00.


So, I spent the morning hot gluing Post-Its to a wall…

That’s normal, right?

With the weather warming and my booth a mere thirteen days from doubling in size, I felt the need to inject some color into my Art Angels life.

Yes, they really are Post-Its. They combine to highlight two things that I love: color and texture.

I even added a heartfelt sentiment, complete with borderline unacceptable penmanship. I mean every word of it, though.

As promised, I finally hung one of my swag Mason jar pendants.

I also brought in some fresh off the 2+Hue press cards that I whipped up last night while watching American Idol.

They are blank on the inside, lovely on the outside.


And, finally, I added a few new handmade clay tags to the collection.

I love my tiny space, be it ever so humble; but I am really excited to stretch out and make it grow even more next month!

My booth is spruced…my house – not so much.

I spent this dreary Friday rearranging my booth at Art Angels and making sure that my Valentine’s Day items were well-stocked and ready to rock. Here are a few shots of 2+Hue at Art Angels this morning.



For the sake of awesome display, I brought one of my vintage suitcases into my booth to house my custom made greeting cards from a previous post. Each fold-out card is handmade and comes with a heart stamped envelope for only 3 bucks!

A large glass pedestal cake platter holds a handful of my clay tags. They are a perfect way to add a sweet touch to a Valentine’s Day gift. And, the best part, they are only two bucks a piece!

If you find yourself in the area of SODO, definitely stop by Art Angels and have a gander. As for me, I will take advantage of this gloomy weather to clean my house which has been terribly neglected as I worked day and night on getting 2+Hue squared away.

Brand Spanking New Valentine’s Day Tea Towels

Fresh off the press, here are the two options in 2+Hue’s Valentine’s Day tea towel collection:


‘Love is sweet.’ and ‘You’re my cup of tea.’ Simply stated, vintage, and lovely. Both of these designs will be available in my booth at Art Angels by mid-week. I try to check on my space at least twice a week; however, If you find yourself in the shop and are unable to locate the particular design that you are looking for, feel free to email me and I will make sure to restock so that you can get your hands on what makes your heart sing.

Antique dresser reveal! *Update: SOLD!*

Remember the two toned dresser from three days ago? Well, here she is today:



I have refinished several pieces recently in an antiqued white so I found myself I longing for a crisp pure white to brighten things up a little. And, brighten things up she did. Here she is in a corner of my dining room sitting below one of my custom Mason jar pendant lights. I am a huge fan of placing dressers in each room. They are not only endlessly functional, but they add so much character whether they are a large, bold feature piece or just a quiet accent in a once boring corner; dressers belong, well,  everywhere.

This sweet piece measures 45 inches tall by 28 inches wide by 18 inches deep. She is perched atop four original wooden casters and has been heavily sealed for durability. All of the hardware is original to the piece and has been refinished to coordinate with brand new color. She should be in place in my booth at Art Angels at 5515 South Orange Avenue by Friday morning so stop by and give her a gander. She is awfully pretty and I will seriously miss her when she goes off to her new home.

So long, pink dresser, hello booth redo!

Well, the pink French Provincial dresser lasted all of 48 hours at Art Angels. I understand that it went to live with a trio of young girls – how perfect! So, Mr. Hue and I loaded up the lovely aqua dresser and the newly-refinished antique twin head and footboard into the truck and made the trip to SODO.


So, in addition to my staple furniture pieces, I have been able to tap into my creativity on a smaller scale and repurpose these Mason jars into a triple pendant bar. And, yes, they really do work. All you need is some power and three bulbs!

There are even antique ‘Ball Blue’ jars that became part of a fabulous lighting fixture.

And just a couple more shots for good measure…


My Art Angels Home…

Today was filled with shoving a ton of coolness into my new space at Art Angels. Unfortunately, not everything fit so I will be rotating stock frequently. I am so excited to share with you my brand new digs. Here are some shots of 2+Hue’s booth. *If you are super detail oriented like myself, feel free to click on each image for a better view.






Art Angels is located at: 5515 South Orange Ave, Orlando, just three miles south of SODO. Their hours of operation are: Monday-Friday 10:30-6 and Saturdays 11-4.

Antique Waterfall Wardrobe ~ 350 {and a note on the color}

Remember when I said that I had big plans for this one? Well, 24 hours in the backyard yielded this transformation.


A couple of notes: first, she’s not completely finished (there are no hinges in the doors right now and she’s down one knob). Second, despite my best photographic efforts, the color in the picture is not true to the wardrobe at all. The actual color is a gorgeous shade of peacock blue identical to the swatch seen here:


The inside of the wardrobe as well as the inside of the doors were refinished with black chalkboard paint and seasoned. I do this often in my own decor and furnishings. Whether or not you choose to use the chalkboard is completely up to you, but the look of a seasoned chalkboard is striking in itself.

She has a bar for hanging garments inside the piece as well as a bar spanning the width of one of the doors. Later this evening, Mr. 2+Hue will come to my rescue and help me attach the doors and hardware. Then, she’ll get a few coats of sealant and she’ll be all set for a new home.

Introducing: Made by 2+Hue!

I am so excited to have just finished my first in a line of completely custom made furniture pieces. This headboard was inspired by my sitting room planking. It has been weathered to capture the essence of reclaimed wood minus the steep pricing. It is the perfect way to marry rustic with sophistication; a charming balance of not going too far in either direction.

Made to fit a queen bed (the pallet bed that it is resting upon in the photo from my loft is a twin turned sideways since we do not have any queen beds at Casa 2+Hue) it measures 48 inches tall at the peak by 60 inches wide at the base. Wall mounting hooks are included in the sale price. The same design can be applied to either a twin or a king bed as well so if you are in love with the style but slumber in a king bed or must have it for your child’s twin bed, just let me know! They can also be painted then distressed if you have a special color that you just cannot do without.

The pricing for the headboards is as follows:

Twin ~ 100

Queen ~ 200

King ~ 300

Please click on the photos for a more detailed image. Last but not least, I hope each of you have a wonderful Veteran’s Day!


Cottage Chic Coffee Table’s Wild Sister ~ 100

I left Alabama with a few of these beauties waiting to be refinished. After doing a lot of white and grey, I had the craving for a little blue. This is my new favorite piece! This table features: a scalloped top, curvy legs, and heavy distressing and antiquing. It has been refinished in Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White on the base. The top is a lovely blue mixture that I whip up in my kitchen. The entire piece was then distressed, antiqued, and sealed. The dimensions of this piece are: 50 inches wide by 22.5 inches deep by 16 inches high.