Weddings by 2+Hue has a brand new website!

Yes, it is exciting!

Click here to visit Weddings by 2+Hue’s new site:

I spent this rainy Sunday creating a new website just for our weddings division. I felt the need for a more organized, streamlined forum in which to showcase our weddings. There will be hyperlinks that connect both our inspired interiors and weddings sites so, fear not, you will not get lost in the shuffle. I do hope you will head on over to the new digs and let me know what you think!


2+Hue’s version of rustic elegance

I was thrilled to be invited to participate as a vendor in this coming Saturday’s Osceola County Historical Society Bridal Show in Kissimmee. I was even more thrilled when I was asked by one of the directors to help stage the grounds of the show! Armed with a long list of ideas and daydreams of rustic wedding elegance, I set out yesterday to put the finishing touches on not only my booth but the rest of the area as well.

One of the areas that I will be staging is the seating/eating area. Of course, I cannot do an entire table scape complete with my signature mix and match china; but I can most definitely put a dash of 2+Hue on each table. Instead of a linen or burlap runner, I opted for a runner of reclaimed laced wood.

Now is the time when my readers utter a collective, “What in the world is a runner of reclaimed laced wood?”

Wonder no more, my friends. Here is a preview of what’s to come on Saturday:

It is lovely and delicate and nearly understated – the perfect alternative to a traditional runner and a great choice for those who find burlap offensive to the touch. Of course, many more pictures will be forthcoming over the next few days so be sure to check back for updates. And, finally, if we have not yet met in person then that is a crying shame and we should really fix that. Come on out and see me (and the oft referred-to Mr. Hue) in our booth at the:

It’s free and it’s fabulous!

I said, “I do!”

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to participate in The Osceola County Historical Society Bridal Show on Saturday, March 10! This event will take place, appropriately so, at The Osceola County Historical Society located at: 750 North Bass Road in Kissimmee. The show will run from 11-2 and will showcase a fantastic collection of talented wedding vendors. The best part, there is no admission charge and you might even score yourself a raffle prize. I will be there along with Mr. Hue and our ever-growing collection of all things matrimonial so head on down and take advantage of this fantastic event. I’d love to meet you!

Moving on up!

I love my booth at Art Angels, she has served me well this past month:

So when I was offered the opportunity to double my square footage, I could not say yes quickly enough. Beginning March 1st, I will remove a divider, stretch out, and spin pirouettes around my much more spacious booth. I am amassing a collection of new pieces to refinish and I cannot wait to show you what installation project I have for the back wall.

Get excited!

Weddings by 2+Hue!

In addition to keeping my booth at Art Angels well-stocked with wonderfuls, I have been quietly pursuing another adventure. And, no, of course I would never dream of leaving Art Angels or 2+Hue behind; but, about a month ago, I was contacted by a kind woman who saw my blog and had a question. She wanted to know if I would be interested in renting some furniture for an upcoming summer wedding. Immediately, two things came to mind:

1. I love weddings!


2. Why am I not doing this already?

I assured her that I would most definitely be interested in working with her and I promptly began brainstorming vintage/rustic wedding scenes. Last Sunday, I scored a china cabinet and a buffet – both of which were made in the 20’s. Mr. Hue and I loaded them into the truck and they headed home with us to undergo a major transformation worthy of a photo shoot. Both pieces were painted with a base coat of crisp white, then distressed.

The top of the buffet was a complete hot mess, so I spent two days painstakingly stripping it off piece by piece to unveil the surface beneath. I decided to stick with my rustic roots and weather the top before applying several layers of sealant.

I envision this buffet serving as a one-of-a-kind gift table, a cake table, a candy bar, or anything else a tasteful bride can imagine.

As for the china cabinet, I knew immediately what direction to move in with her. In place of glass in the door, Mr. Hue risked lacerations to fill the casing with chicken wire. Attached to the chicken wire are guest names along with table assignments.

Inside the cabinet is a custom antique frame-turned-chalkboard (more on that below) encouraging guests to guide themselves to their particular table.

There is also shelving available with this piece and I can envision the cabinet being filled with photos of the bride and groom and perhaps a personalized message from them.

The moment I stumbled across this breathtaking antique Oxford double student desk and chair set, I knew that it would make the most amazing guest book sign-in table ever. I decided, completely uncharacteristically, not to paint it. It is perfect!


As for those frames-turned-chalkboards, I was thrilled to score several of them. Most of them were guilded and a few had been salvaged from The Hard Rock Cafe in London when it was remodeled. How cool is that? If you have spent much time on my blog, you know how I feel about chalkboards. They are a must for any vintage or rustic wedding and they can be completely personalized then repurposed. How can you not love that? Here is one of the boards in my quickly-growing collection:

Another finished product in 2+Hue Weddings is my room divider. When my antiqued pink dresser sold so quickly at Art Angels, I had to improvise in a hurry since I had not quite finished the next piece in the two days that pinky spent at the shop. In desperation, I loaded one of the dividers from my own home into my car and headed for SODO. The moment I unfolded it and began staging my booth, I had a customer try to buy it. I was amazed and convinced that others appreciate that perfect combination of elegance and ruggedness as well as I do. These dividers are weathered and free standing on a base which is attached behind each panel. They are  fully customizable as far as size is concerned. Each panel measures 22 inches wide by 78 inches tall. A line of six linen swatches lace the panels together. Whether you need just a couple of panels for ambiance or you need several yards, we can accommodate just about any situation.


A barely pink washed antique ironing board transforms into a candy bar in these shots.


The candy jars were much more full before the kids of 2+Hue got their little hands in the vicinity of sugar overload!

I think that vintage luggage and an antique trunk are so appropriate for weddings. They capture the idea of packing up and beginning a whole new chapter. Charm your guests by giving them a one-of-a-kind greeting card collection suitcase.

I will also be offering custom weathered wood and chalkboard table markers. The markers are free standing and measure 7×9 inches with a 4×6 inch opening.

Along with several custom wedding burlap pennant banners.

And, I have amassed a collection of eighteen (and counting) antique Ball Blue Mason jars as well as a slew of clear Mason Jars will be available for rent. They make beautiful vessels for floral centerpieces or floral pew decorations. The possibilities are endless with Mason jars.

I will also be offering my custom monogrammed clay tags for place settings, as well as custom tea towel wedding favors.

I am also opening up 2+Hue’s home collection and offering this, my once-favorite buffet for weddings. It was finished in Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White then distressed. The top of the buffet is weathered wood and the entire piece has been sealed for durability and protection.


I have a few more pieces to finish for 2+Hue weddings and many more pictures will be coming soon. I am so excited to explore this new avenue and my ideas are endless. I will be offering my custom cake plates and Mr. Hue and I have a little cake stand idea up our sleeve that we hope to have finished shortly. If you, or someone you love, is gearing up to say ‘I do’ and you have an idea of something that I have not yet covered, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love new challenges, as evidenced by this journey, and I will get back with you immediately. Check back soon for an entire page devoted to Weddings by 2+Hue and my most recent offerings. Of course, I will continue to maintain my blog and my wonderful home at Art Angels. This is just another adventure to embark on, and I could not be more excited!

Sneak Peek at Tea Towel Awesomeness…

Here I sit, two days and counting until the {actual} move-in day at Art Angels and my house is bursting at the seams with with items destined for the 2+Hue booth. Among the bounty are: my entire line of vintage tea towels ($8) – ten different designs and counting , handmade clay magnets ($4), handmade clay tags ($2), various antiques, tons of amazing repurposed lighting and a few other surprises up my sleeve. I will be there tomorrow getting the walls ready since the existing exposed pegboard is not really my bag. I will have an entire post devoted to the pics of my booth coming up on Sunday so definitely stay tuned. And, if you are in the SODO area tomorrow or Saturday, be sure to stop by and holla at me. I’ll be the one frantically double sided taping torn book pages to craft paper and squeezing a truckload of coolness into a 4×6 foot space.

As for my line of tea towels, well, there’s a story there…

It hit me as I was nearly destroying totally rocking Christmas dinner that I had a bevy of personal kitchen disaster stories to share with the world. So, fresh from the vault o’ shame came seven actual Kitchen catastrophes which I have created. All of the towels in this particular line will feature the same vintage flatware graphic with simple text as seen below.

My culinary missteps include:

Kitchen catastrophe #26:

That moment, about 45 minutes into baking a lasagna, when you realize that you forgot to add the ricotta.

 Kitchen catastrophe #18:

That moment you figure out that you were supposed to drain the water from the macaroni before adding the cheese and butter.

 Kitchen catastrophe #4:

That moment you peek into the oven and realize that you definitely should have used wooden toothpicks instead of the now-melted plastic ones to bake bacon wrapped scallops.

 Kitchen catastrophe #19:

That moment you pull the brownie bricks out of the oven and realize that you forgot to add water to the mix.

 Kitchen catastrophe #2:

That moment when your mother-in-law hands you a cookbook full of four ingredient recipes and wishes you (and the rest of the family) the best.

 Kitchen catastrophe #12:

That moment you realize that ‘rolling boil’ and geyser-like, stove destroying ‘boil over’ are, actually, not one and the same.

 Kitchen catastrophe #7:

That moment you realize that pre-wrapped cheese singles are, unfortunately, not an acceptable substitute for grated cheddar.

I figured that I cannot be the only girl who has made herself look less than intelligent in the kitchen…


Seriously, I’m not the only one, right?

New Year, New Adventure!

I have spent a considerable amount of time lately contemplating my next big step. I love refinishing furniture and I imagine myself an old woman still busting out the sandpaper and getting down to business on some sorry dresser. I also, however, love all things home. I love lighting and linens and tea towels and antiques and decor. My current method of depending solely on my blog has became stifling. I knew that I needed a brick and mortar shop to represent all the facets of 2+Hue.

So, beginning Saturday, January 7th 2012, you can find my little booth at Art Angels Antique Mall!

This morning, I signed the papers on a cubby of a space that I will wrestle toward awesomeness. I have huge plans for my area complete with wild hand gestures and a little “can I hang stuff from the ceiling?” I will be located in booth 16 and I have a mere three days to come up with some sort of signage to let you know that it is, indeed, 2+Hue.  Please do stop by and visit Art Angels, it is seriously a wonderful store that I am beyond excited to be a part of. The address is: 5515 South Orange Avenue in Orlando just 3 miles south of SODO.

Heck, you can even tell ’em Sarah sent ya! That probably will not do you any good, but you can still let them know…