One flew the coop, one still in the nest…SOLD!

I have been ever busy preparing to expand my booth at Art Angels. Last weekend, I sold every piece of furniture that I had in the store, leaving my area sad and bare. Determined to stay ahead of the game this time, I finished another dresser and have one more waiting to be made awesome.

The dresser that I finished this morning is, easily, one of the most sturdy well-made pieces that I have ever worked on. It was made by the Kindle Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It features five dovetailed bow front drawers.

The top drawer has a removable organizer and the second drawer has two removable dividers that separate the drawer into thirds. I chose a blend of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White and a top secret add-in to achieve a color that is not exactly white, and not exactly grey with tones of brown highlighted by distressing.

The finish was protected with sealant for survivability in a real home. The dimensions of this piece are: 50.5 inches tall by 35 inches wide by 22 inches deep. She is awfully lovely and she is on display in my booth right now!

Next in line for a little 2+Hue action is this sweet dresser from the early 1900’s.


She perches atop four original wooden caster wheels.

She had me at keyholes.


Pink French Provincial Dresser Reveal! *SOLD!*

Freshly refinished and ready to go, I loaded the pink French Provincial dresser into the back of the truck and headed for Art Angels this afternoon. As I maneuvered the dresser into place in my booth, I celebrated the fact that in three weeks time, I will be enjoying double the space that I have currently. To say that my booth is cramped is a vast understatement. Nevertheless, I managed to fit two dressers and my tea towel rack in the space and make it back in time to pick up 2+Hue Jr. from school. I consider that a success.

I broke into the 2+Hue custom knob reserve to amend the injustice of missing hardware.


The top three shots were taken in my booth. However, the bottom two close-ups were taken this morning in my garage and they are the best representation of the true shade of pink. It is definitely a soft pink, not a salmon as the top pictures tend to represent.

To see how this dresser went from sad to lovely in one week, scroll to the post below for before and after shots.

Antique dresser reveal! *Update: SOLD!*

Remember the two toned dresser from three days ago? Well, here she is today:



I have refinished several pieces recently in an antiqued white so I found myself I longing for a crisp pure white to brighten things up a little. And, brighten things up she did. Here she is in a corner of my dining room sitting below one of my custom Mason jar pendant lights. I am a huge fan of placing dressers in each room. They are not only endlessly functional, but they add so much character whether they are a large, bold feature piece or just a quiet accent in a once boring corner; dressers belong, well,  everywhere.

This sweet piece measures 45 inches tall by 28 inches wide by 18 inches deep. She is perched atop four original wooden casters and has been heavily sealed for durability. All of the hardware is original to the piece and has been refinished to coordinate with brand new color. She should be in place in my booth at Art Angels at 5515 South Orange Avenue by Friday morning so stop by and give her a gander. She is awfully pretty and I will seriously miss her when she goes off to her new home.

Lovely Aqua Double Dresser ~ SOLD!

I could not help but rescue this once neglected double dresser. On Sunday, she was yellow and decorated by a sweet little girl with an affinity for purple permanent markers. Now, she is a lovely distressed coastal blue. It was sealed for durability so feel free to set a drink down without hyperventilating. The hardware is original and absolutely perfect.


This dresser would be perfect in a nursery, child’s room, or guest room; but it would also make a great statement as either a buffet or entryway dresser. I have a pink dresser in my entryway and it is probably my most commented-on piece. Not only is it functional as “grand central” storage, but it allows you to have a pop of color as soon as guests walk through the door. I have a tendency toward quiet walls and loud furniture. This old blue girl would fit in nicely in the home of a girl like myself.


Apothecary Desk and Matching Chair ~ SOLD!

I have finally finished the apothecary desk and matching chair set! The desk features three dovetailed drawers. The top two drawers are loaded with twelve handmade, hand stamped ordinal clay knobs. The base was refinished with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey over Old White then sealed. The top is contrasted with Old White then distressed and sealed. It is absolutely a one of a kind piece! The dimensions of this desk are: 32 inches tall by 43.5 inches wide by 17.5 inches deep.



Antiqued Pink French Provincial Dresser ~ SOLD!

Being a mom of two quickly growing children, kids rooms are my most favorite spaces to decorate. So sweet and ready for a nursery or girl’s room, this dresser was given a fresh coat of soft pink then distressed, antiqued, and sealed for protection. It features intricate detailing and three drawers. The six drawer pulls were painted and antiqued as well. The dimensions of this piece are: 39 inches wide by 17 inches deep by 30.5 inches tall.


Two Tiered End Table ~ SOLD!

This lovely little number packs a serious punch in the weight department. She is heavy, trust me! This table was refinished in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue then heavily distressed. This is a great color that stands out in a room without overpowering other pieces. It has been sealed and is ready to make a statement in a new home. The table has a large dovetailed drawer and freshly painted hardware. The dimensions of this piece are: 22 inches wide by 27 inches deep by 22 inches high.


Coffee Table in Old White ~ SOLD!

A left-over salvage treasure from my time in Alabama, this coffee table was given a fresh coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Old White then distressed. It features a scallop edged top and Frenchy curved legs. Two coats of sealant were applied for added durability. Encased in the table is a large dovetailed drawer perfect for stowing remotes, magazines, or anything else that may wander into your family room. The dimensions of this piece are: 50 inches wide by 22.5 inches deep by 16 inches high.



Antiqued White 9 Drawer Dresser ~ SOLD!

Large and lovely, she is one solid piece! This triple dresser was painted white then antiqued with a glaze to highlight the intricate wood detailing giving it a weathered, authentic feel. It features nine dovetailed drawers and the original hardware which was given a fresh coat of oil rubbed bronze. The entire piece was sealed with a protective wax coating to ensure durability. The dimensions of this piece are: 68 inches wide by 18.5 inches deep by 31.5 inches high.