A fork in the road…

I was born a decidedly free spirit. My tendency to try new things is as evident as the bold colors splashed across the furnishings that decorated my Art Angels booth. That established, it is really no surprise that when I received an email from the mother of a bride-to-be inquiring as to my willingness to rent some of my pieces to her for the big day in July, I dove into a brand new challenge. I agreed to get my feet wet in this wedding industry, even if it meant doing just one wedding. Before long, though, my inability to sit still and my desire to fill this vintage furniture rental void in Central Florida ignited and I found myself fully immersed in weddings. And, perhaps more importantly, I found myself completely in love with what I was doing.

That one wedding turned into more booked weddings which turned into not only renting some of my pieces, but creating an entire line of wedding furniture and building custom accents as well. From there, I established relationships with a couple of amazing wedding photographers and I am now deep in the planning stages of two styled shoots scheduled for May and June. I know what I am supposed to be doing. I understand now that the fortunate people who claim to love their job are really not exaggerating. I absolutely love what I do. I love meeting with brides and helping to conceptualize their vision and bring to life what they once thought was only possible in a fancy pants blog based in California. I love refinishing pieces that will hold a special couple’s dream cake, their childhood photos, their best wishes from dear friends and family. I am so blessed!

So, it was unavoidable that I begin evaluating the direction of 2+Hue Designs. I have always enjoyed refinishing furniture and I envision myself old and wrinkly with a brush in my hand still working on an antique buffet for a wedding. After much consideration, I have decided that May 19th will be my last day at Art Angels. 2+Hue Designs will cease to create home decor pieces, allowing me to devote 100% of my time and energy to my fabulous brides and Weddings by 2+Hue.

I have a couple of pieces remaining in my booth that, if not sold by May, will be stripped and repurposed for weddings. I have enjoyed my time at the shop and I appreciate the opportunity extended to me by Renee, the owner, as a springboard of exposure for the weddings I am ultimately meant to do. I also thank each person who adopted one of my pieces and embraced it into their entryway, their kitchen, their nursery. I most certainly appreciate your support and feel free to follow along as I press toward this exciting journey.

I am so very excited,

so very grateful,

so very blessed!