One flew the coop, one still in the nest…SOLD!

I have been ever busy preparing to expand my booth at Art Angels. Last weekend, I sold every piece of furniture that I had in the store, leaving my area sad and bare. Determined to stay ahead of the game this time, I finished another dresser and have one more waiting to be made awesome.

The dresser that I finished this morning is, easily, one of the most sturdy well-made pieces that I have ever worked on. It was made by the Kindle Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It features five dovetailed bow front drawers.

The top drawer has a removable organizer and the second drawer has two removable dividers that separate the drawer into thirds. I chose a blend of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White and a top secret add-in to achieve a color that is not exactly white, and not exactly grey with tones of brown highlighted by distressing.

The finish was protected with sealant for survivability in a real home. The dimensions of this piece are: 50.5 inches tall by 35 inches wide by 22 inches deep. She is awfully lovely and she is on display in my booth right now!

Next in line for a little 2+Hue action is this sweet dresser from the early 1900’s.


She perches atop four original wooden caster wheels.

She had me at keyholes.


Coming Soon {like tomorrow soon}

When Mr. Hue sent me a text that read, “Want this one?” with a picture of this dresser attached, I knew instantly what I would do with it. When my daughter was younger, she would spend hours twirling about the house in her version of full princess garb, admiring her majesty in the mirror. The size and composition of this piece lend itself perfectly to a little girl’s bedroom or a nursery for a princess-to-be with the mirror being low enough for child-height reflections. Refinished in a custom mix of Annie Sloan chalk paint then distressed and sealed for years of protection, this piece came years too late for my daughter, but just in time for another lucky little lady. This dresser features two drawers and the original hardware which was refinished to coordinate with the overall style. The dimensions of this piece are: 35.5 inches wide by 74 inches tall by 17.5 inches deep.


To check this one out, head on over to Art Angels. I will drop it off tomorrow morning with the assistance of my once upon a time princess and my little dude, neither of whom have school on Monday, thanks to President’s Day.

I said, “I do!”

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to participate in The Osceola County Historical Society Bridal Show on Saturday, March 10! This event will take place, appropriately so, at The Osceola County Historical Society located at: 750 North Bass Road in Kissimmee. The show will run from 11-2 and will showcase a fantastic collection of talented wedding vendors. The best part, there is no admission charge and you might even score yourself a raffle prize. I will be there along with Mr. Hue and our ever-growing collection of all things matrimonial so head on down and take advantage of this fantastic event. I’d love to meet you!

So, I spent the morning hot gluing Post-Its to a wall…

That’s normal, right?

With the weather warming and my booth a mere thirteen days from doubling in size, I felt the need to inject some color into my Art Angels life.

Yes, they really are Post-Its. They combine to highlight two things that I love: color and texture.

I even added a heartfelt sentiment, complete with borderline unacceptable penmanship. I mean every word of it, though.

As promised, I finally hung one of my swag Mason jar pendants.

I also brought in some fresh off the 2+Hue press cards that I whipped up last night while watching American Idol.

They are blank on the inside, lovely on the outside.


And, finally, I added a few new handmade clay tags to the collection.

I love my tiny space, be it ever so humble; but I am really excited to stretch out and make it grow even more next month!

Just finished wedding pieces and a brand new page!

Thankfully, the weather here in Orlando was warmer today which made it much more enjoyable to be outside refinishing two tables for Weddings by 2+Hue. First up was a ball and claw round pedestal table.

This is easily one of my most favorite tables that I have ever refinished. Annie Sloan Old White combined with an antique scale and antique Ball Blue Mason jars is borderline perfection.

Next up was a lovely oval dining table that has been hiding in my surplus for much too long. A nice coat of more Old White did her a world of good.

She was too large for my booth at Art Angels so lonely she sat for months. I see this as a sweetheart table, a dessert table, a gift table, just about anything a bride could imagine.

And, I finally put the finishing touches on that weddings page that I promised. Scroll up to the top of the homepage and see it in all its wedded glory!

Photo Booth Fun!

Despite the chilly, incredibly windy weather in Central Florida this afternoon, we braved the elements for a few pictures of our newest Weddings by 2+Hue creations. First up was the photo booth:

I bribed with cupcakes encouraged my oft referred-to/seldom shown on my webpage kids to get behind the booth for a few action shots.

The booth measures 7 feet tall by 4 feet wide and features two custom antiqued white chalkboards for guests to write a personal message to the bride and groom as well as two framed openings. Both of the frames were salvaged from The Hard Rock Cafe in London after it was recently remodeled. The booth was covered in a raffia textured wall covering which would be perfect at a rustic or vintage reception. If only I had come up with this idea fourteen years ago at my own wedding…

Another wedding offering is this lovely buffet. It was refinished in Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White and features a weathered wood top. This is the largest of our buffets, coming in at 70x31x19. That’s a lot of cupcakes!

And, speaking of those bribery cupcakes, here they are atop one of our weathered stands.

The blustery wind did not allow for good shots of our burlap banners. Unfortunately, they will have to wait until tomorrow’s session when I hope to have our round pedestal ball and claw table as well as a custom sweetheart table finished. And, I am still working on a separate weddings page…in my “spare time” that is.

New wedding wonderfuls sneak peek!

I discovered that if one wards off sleep, she can accomplish a vast amount of things. I have been more than a little busy lately between keeping my Art Angels booth nicely stocked and gearing-up for weddings. Tonight, I will finish the photo booth that Mr. Hue and I built completely from the ground up and, seriously, it is fantastic. I am also working on burlap table runners and the most amazing sweetheart table structure. There are hanging features coming soon as well as more of these little numbers:

Tiny stairs, not quite.

They are custom built weathered wood cupcake stands. And they are delightful. They stand 21 inches tall by 17 inches wide and each four tier stand is able to hold thirty-six of the most delicious, vintage/rustic cupcakes this side of the Mississippi.

Much, much more pictures and items will be updated this weekend so be sure to check back even if you are not scheduled to mosey down the aisle anytime soon.

Pink French Provincial Dresser Reveal! *SOLD!*

Freshly refinished and ready to go, I loaded the pink French Provincial dresser into the back of the truck and headed for Art Angels this afternoon. As I maneuvered the dresser into place in my booth, I celebrated the fact that in three weeks time, I will be enjoying double the space that I have currently. To say that my booth is cramped is a vast understatement. Nevertheless, I managed to fit two dressers and my tea towel rack in the space and make it back in time to pick up 2+Hue Jr. from school. I consider that a success.

I broke into the 2+Hue custom knob reserve to amend the injustice of missing hardware.


The top three shots were taken in my booth. However, the bottom two close-ups were taken this morning in my garage and they are the best representation of the true shade of pink. It is definitely a soft pink, not a salmon as the top pictures tend to represent.

To see how this dresser went from sad to lovely in one week, scroll to the post below for before and after shots.

Pink French Provincial Triple Dresser Sneak Peek!

One week ago, I rescued this little number from mundanity:

She was tired and plain, with less than adequate hardware – much like myself before coffee and make-up each morning.

She had great bones, lovely curves and ample storage. So after an extreme make-over, she now looks like this:

I chose a top coat of soft pink accented with subtle distressing to reveal hints of a white base coat beneath. I chose not to antique this piece like my previous pink French Provincial offering because I am all about switching things up and adding a little variety to my furniture life. She is lovely and will hit the floor of my Art Angels booth on Thursday.

Moving on up!

I love my booth at Art Angels, she has served me well this past month:

So when I was offered the opportunity to double my square footage, I could not say yes quickly enough. Beginning March 1st, I will remove a divider, stretch out, and spin pirouettes around my much more spacious booth. I am amassing a collection of new pieces to refinish and I cannot wait to show you what installation project I have for the back wall.

Get excited!