The Nitty Gritty

So, how does this whole thing work?

Great question!

Here goes…

I spend more time than I care to confess to scouring flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales to score sad pieces of furniture to wrestle toward awesomeness. I do carry a list of requests with me along my scavenger hunts of customers’ special requests ie: a queen four post bed, an armoire, a coffee table, etc. So don’t be afraid to ask me to add your name to the wish list. I am  pretty good at treasure hunting.

I have designed everything from nurseries to dining rooms to master and guest bedrooms, kids rooms, playrooms, you name it and I’ll bet I have put a piece of furniture in it somewhere between here and Louisiana. In general, my color choice is all over the map from muted pastels to vibrant blues and greens, all the way back to simply white on occasion. I use mostly Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but I occasionally branch-out into custom mixing my own latex shades as well. Where finish is concerned, I always go with some degree of distressing followed by a durable sealant. As the mom of two children who have the propensity to spill things, I fully understand that a piece of furniture must be beautiful. It must be a conversation piece. But, above all, it must be able to survive in the real world!

 In addition to refinishing the hard stuff, I also love to upholster. Fabric is an amazing medium in which to add  interest to a space. I have been known to turn coffee tables into large tufted seats to bring a little functionality to a room.

And, finally, please be advised that the pieces that I refinish are beautifully imperfect. Often, I will leave a knick or a notch here or there to preserve the personality of the piece. If you love that, then we will be great friends.


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